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  1. Critics have said radical feminists were using gender to mean five sexes : male, female, heterosexual, bisexual and transexual.
  2. Homosexuals and transexuals deserve the same treatment as heterosexuals and have the right to live freely the live that they have chosen,
  3. But the speaker's feelings have to be taken into consideration too, especially when the transexual is not in earshot.
  4. Two transexuals failed to convince the European Court of Human Rights that Britain is obliged to alter their gender on their birth certificates.
  5. Does transexuals getting female hormones make a difference in this respect ? talk ) 19 : 38, 13 October 2009 ( UTC)
  6. After Liberace dated the transexual Christine Jorgensen, she reported, " He's nice _ but a little strange ."
  7. Her work includes portraits of Elizabeth Hurley, Mickey Rourke, Johnny Depp and Liv Tyler as well as transexuals and strip tease artists.
  8. For the Givenchy Fall-Winter 2010 collection, he included a new model, Lea T, who is a transexual from Brazil.
  9. For instance, there are people out there who strongly believe we should legally limit the personal freedoms of transexuals to choose their own name.
  10. I would think if Lockwood is now shooting transexual porn it is an important issue and should be noted in his partial filmography at least once.
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