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  1. "The inherent trashiness of Reform School Girl is redeemed by the sincere performance of Gloria Castillo and the matter-of-fact direction of Edward Bernds.
  2. At 54, Waters, who made a scandalous splash with 1972's " Pink Flamingos, " has put most of his trashiness behind him.
  3. "There's been a perceived trashiness to wall-to-wall, because it got really lousy in the'60s and'70s, " he said.
  4. "People may not want to be going around in loud, brash rebellious clothes, that'80s trashiness that we've been into for a very long time,"
  5. Coke's Olympic City is so shameless in its predictable Big Red boosterism that it is an affirmation of Atlanta and America, a brand of inspired trashiness that is dear to our hearts.
  6. The problem with most of this summer's trashy movies _ and in this context, " trashy " isn't meant as an insult _ is that they're afraid to embrace their trashiness.
  7. In spite of the trashiness and no matter how many times the Olympic rings are sold to adorn soft drink cans, candy bars and weenies, they are undiminished when the huge white Olympic flag is escorted into the stadium.
  8. She makes White Trash Girl videos and trading cards, and is quick with pronouncements about the provocative importance of her own work, which, as it turns out, has as much to do with whiteness as it does with trashiness.
  9. With lace tops, their sleeves billowing by, bloomer shorts, short bunchy skirts and airy minidresses swirled with glitter, McCartney elaborated on last season's soft romanticism, banishing any trace of the trashiness that marred her first collection.
  10. Roseanne, the one-time queen of blue-collar comedy, has shed a few dozen pounds, several inches of hair and some of her trademark trashiness in preparation for her return to television _ as a daytime talk-show host.
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