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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. Pour on ungreased cookie sheet; separate peanuts with a fork.
  2. Press mixture firmly into an ungreased 9-inch square pan.
  3. Place on an ungreased baking sheet, seam side down.
  4. Put the smooth side up on an ungreased cookie sheet.
  5. Gently spoon batter into ungreased 10-inch angel cake tube pan.
  6. Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet 15 to 20 minutes till golden.
  7. Drop dough from a teaspoon 2 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheets.
  8. Place, point side down, on ungreased baking sheet.
  9. Set a heavy ungreased skillet or griddle over medium heat.
  10. Using 2 teaspoons for each cookie, drop onto ungreased cookie sheets.
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