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  1. The vacuum brake operated automatically whenever the train brakes were applied.
  2. The Series 1 locomotives were delivered without a vacuum brake system.
  3. All first generation DMUs were fitted with vacuum brakes from new.
  4. Vacuum brakes were from Westinghouse, and the oil-fired train heat boiler was from Clarkson.
  5. In addition, GM has replaced more than 17, 000 vacuum brake boosters under warranty.
  6. They were not fitted with vacuum brakes so they were not suitable for passenger work.
  7. He made an emergency application of the train vacuum brake and the locomotive air brake.
  8. These units have been retro-fitted with air brakes, in addition to the original vacuum brakes.
  9. The 0-6-4Ts were built with steam and vacuum brakes and steam reversing gear and weighed.
  10. The 2-6-2Ts were fitted with vacuum brakes only; those built by Beyer weighed and Kitson's.
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