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  1. The Vehicle Assembly Building was built to accommodate the giant Apollo rocketships that carried men to the moon.
  2. For now, netting is being hung inside the Vehicle Assembly Building to catch any debris blowing through the holes.
  3. Asked if the Vehicle Assembly Building could be used to prepare the next generation of spacecraft, Kennedy said he was unsure.
  4. Inside the Vehicle Assembly Building were two shuttle external fuel tanks, which hopefully were protected from the rain, Kennedy said.
  5. Next week, Endeavour will be towed to the massive Vehicle Assembly Building here, so that its main engines can be replaced.
  6. Severe weather could force NASA to roll the shuttle back from its launch pad to the shelter of the mammoth vehicle assembly building.
  7. Kennedy called the Vehicle Assembly Building priceless; it was built to accommodate the Saturn 5 rockets that carried men to the moon.
  8. But chunks of roofing were spotted around the base, along with mangled aluminum panels from the Vehicle Assembly Building, Diller said.
  9. The Vehicle Assembly Building was originally built for the assembly of the Saturn vehicles and was then used to support Space Shuttle operations.
  10. NASA first considered bringing the crew home immediately . was assembled in the Vehicle Assembly Building at Launch Complex 39 for possible use.
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