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  1. Trimmings include velvet, rhinestones, pearls, horsehair, bows and veiling.
  2. The concept of veiling started in the slave system.
  3. Veiling the heads was taken as a sign of resistance to the Soviets.
  4. Even within the practice of veiling there is wide variety, says Abdo.
  5. Veiling Hoogstraten ( auction ) is one of the largest of the Benelux.
  6. She regarded traditions such as veiling, Bahasa Indonesia.
  7. A screen of thin birch trees extends the effect of veiling into the landscape.
  8. It is likely that the custom of veiling continued through the Seleucid, kings.
  9. Only settled Uzbeks and Tajiks had strict veiling practices, which Tamerlane supposedly initiated.
  10. Laws which require veiling have promoted some foreign women to boycott trips to Iran.
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