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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. Allart recorded her adventures in her books, veiling them only slightly as fiction.
  2. He achieved this through veiling glazes, nuanced shadows, downturned faces and wrinkled brows.
  3. Seclusion and veiling were marks of distinction.
  4. The front advocates strict Islamic codes, such as veiling women and segregating the sexes.
  5. Stricter veiling implies both chador and more loosely khimar-type headscarf along with overcoat.
  6. This is befitting the Eastern custom of veiling those things deemed sacred from human eyes.
  7. The back was all nude veiling.
  8. The practice of veiling springs from Mohammed's words in the Koran endorsing female modesty.
  9. And even recommendations that are explained may be opaque, veiling true knowledge of a company.
  10. Several editors used the device of veiling parliamentary debates as debates of fictitious societies or bodies.
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