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  1. Secondary hemorrhage, or rebleeding of the hyphema, is thought to worsen outcomes in terms of visual function.
  2. Work by Farhan H . Zaidi and colleagues showed that photoreceptive ganglion cells may have some visual function in humans.
  3. The NCLs present with progressive loss of visual function and neurodevelopmental decline, seizure, myoclonic jerks and premature death.
  4. Furthermore, patients in all three studies showed improvement in their visual function as measured by a number of methods.
  5. Undoubtedly much debate about del Cerro's human transplants will revolve around the question of how to measure visual function.
  6. Visual function estimates such as VF-14 have been found to give more realistic estimates than visual acuity testing alone.
  7. Because lost photoreceptors cannot be recovered, early diagnosis and treatment appear to be essential to prevent loss of visual function.
  8. Leahcar was born with retinitis pigmentosa and ( as of 2012 ) is legally blind with only 10 % visual function.
  9. Not in the way most modern Westerners literally view art _ which is to say, something with a purely visual function.
  10. Pfizer has issued a statement saying it has " conducted rigorous visual function tests at doses well above those recommended for Viagra.
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