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  1. Often that rate is synonymous with the union wage scale.
  2. Another constraint is expense, especially considering China's low wage scales.
  3. The agreement negotiated in 1995 by owners and players created a rookie wage scale.
  4. The man who tinkered with wage scales, materials and machine speeds to increase output?
  5. The study said income inequality is caused in part by an uneven wage scale.
  6. Republicans were opposed to Democrats'insistence that union wage scales be required at school construction sites.
  7. This will make the wage scale salary cap friendly,
  8. But others say pilots should accept compromises in a contract that includes industry-leading wage scales.
  9. In some rural areas, the officials said, that is comparable to the local wage scales.
  10. Additionally, many of those new jobs are on the lower end of the wage scale.
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