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  1. Still, one wonders if O'Leary will recognize Hovan with all his war paint.
  2. They don't dare appear in close-up or without the war paint.
  3. They wrote and recorded " War Paint " in Nashville, Tennessee.
  4. In May 1994 Landis produced Lorrie Morgan's top 10 album, " War Paint ".
  5. A huge B-25 bomber in dusky war paint appeared out of the northern sky.
  6. Certainly no one argued with Harkey's casting after seeing him in full war paint.
  7. Slapping on war paint before they had a war plan.
  8. Game day attire included long floppy top hats in team colors and war paint.
  9. You can almost smell the war paint and saddle soap.
  10. The tie is just a logical extension of ceremonial beads, tattoos, war paint and scars.
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