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  1. "I normally look like an unemployed window cleaner, " the Scottish comic added.
  2. In 1972 Luty played window cleaner, Bert Henshaw on " Coronation Street ".
  3. At the beginning it was a little wet because of the window cleaners.
  4. There is a relatively new window cleaner on the market called Clear Vue.
  5. Wash the inside of the windows with spray window cleaner and soft paper towels.
  6. The window shelves are fully stocked with window cleaner, shampoo, laundry detergent and bleach.
  7. That conversation came at the International Window Cleaner Association convention in Dallas last month.
  8. Meanwhile, he worked in various jobs, including butcher's boy, window cleaner and delivering leaflets.
  9. After his retirement from professional football, he worked as a window cleaner in Ashfield.
  10. Clean off glass with window cleaner and set up materials.
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