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  1. He said the explosion in demand, not past downsizing, was to blame for the work overload.
  2. The Foreign Ministry said Olsen was being replaced because of " structural changes and work overload ."
  3. Worrying about someone else's health was third, followed by work overload _ not having enough time at work or home.
  4. Unfavourable working conditions lead to work overload, low quality productions, and a lack of attractiveness of the profession for the talented youth.
  5. Work overload, pressure to succeed and the changeover from a research unit to a production facility started to take its toll on the scientists.
  6. Work overload _ many teachers feel compelled to take work home in the evenings and on weekends in order to meet the responsibilities expected of them.
  7. Alternatively, work overload significantly reduces job satisfaction among middle-aged women and men but does not significantly impact job satisfaction among young male workers.
  8. I had been struggling two to three weeks with a lot of the work overload and a lot of the things that we had to look at.
  9. The campaigne is to start somewhere not to aimlessly go in the sea of articles with notability issues, tagging articles, only makes the work overload.
  10. Taxpayers can only gape at the audacity of Congress in deserting its pending work overload for a prolonged exercise in personal pleasure and local political temperature-taking.
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