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  1. One of the wrist joints in the robot arm seized up in March and is being replaced.
  2. A third and final spacewalk is scheduled for Thursday, to replace a wrist joint in the robot arm.
  3. One of the wrist joints in the robot arm seized up in March; the brakes would not release.
  4. However, in early March the arm experienced what experts believe was an electrical short in its wrist joint assembly.
  5. Software intended for such calculation use the wrist joint also, dividing the lower arm into hand and forearm segments.
  6. The upper boom connects the shoulder and elbow joints, and the lower boom connects the elbow and wrist joints.
  7. The most sophisticated arms have vise-like claws and shoulder, elbow and wrist joints that allow a full range of motion.
  8. It needs a new wrist joint and a base on which to move around the space station via rail car.
  9. But shuttle managers were reluctant to proceed with additions to the solar power system without replacing the primary wrist joint assembly.
  10. This ball joint permits the cylinders to float freely inside the frame, such as when the wrist joint rotates and flexes.
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