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  1. Q : I saw a notice about a " Fragile X Syndrome " screening.
  2. About Fragile X syndrome : http : / / www . fraxa . org
  3. Jake was born in Dayton with chromosomal fragile X syndrome, " which causes mental retardation.
  4. Some critics called it the X syndrome, after the sign for draws in soccer pools.
  5. Other less common chromosomal arrangements include : triple X syndrome, 48, XXXX, and 49, XXXXX.
  6. Less commonly known genetically determined neurodevelopmental disorders include Fragile X syndrome, Rett syndrome, and Williams syndrome.
  7. This means that healthy parents can have a child with, say, Huntington's or fragile X syndrome.
  8. Sherman theorized that the gene responsible for Fragile X syndrome becomes mutated through a two-step process.
  9. Novartis discontinued development of mavoglurant for fragile X syndrome in April 2014 following disappointing trial results.
  10. His sons both have fragile X syndrome.
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