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  1. "Crank Yankers " ( Sunday, Comedy Central ) : Crank phone calls are acted out by puppets.
  2. Comedian Sarah Silverman, who played a supporting role, is also part of the " Crank Yankers " repertory company.
  3. He also was a lead puppeteer on the shows " Crank Yankers " and " Greg the Bunny ".
  4. Adam Carolla, host of TV's " The Man Show " and " Crank Yankers " was third.
  5. "Crank Yankers " and " The Jamie Kennedy Experiment " _ is as much fun as pulling the pranks themselves.
  6. Prank TV : First there was MTV's " Jackre were the crank-calling muppets from " Crank Yankers,"
  7. On June 16, 2001, Tenacious D were featured as puppets performing " Friendship " on an episode of " Crank Yankers ".
  8. Tomato has also played drums for Ween and recorded drums with Tenacious D for the Comedy Central Crank Yankers version of " The Friendship Song ".
  9. "Walking Medicine, " by Gary Yanker and Kathy Burton, prepared with 50 medical experts, published in 1990 by McGraw-Hill.
  10. "They are not putting it in policy and procedures manuals, " said Marge Yanker, director of organizational development at the American Management Association.
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