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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. In his red-and-white suit he carried yuletide gifts.
  2. But war is what broke out, over Yuletide decorations.
  3. It's a game of yuletide " Survivor ."
  4. Kriz isn't the only Yuletide-themed virus out there.
  5. And with each visit a chorus of yuletide carol favorites.
  6. Holy infants go missing every yuletide season, all across the country.
  7. The vast majority of Yiwu's Yuletide products are shipped overseas.
  8. Norsemen called their winter festival yuletide, and they burned yule logs.
  9. But they feel little has changed, tinging their yuletide with disappointment.
  10. Victorian England rehabilitated the preparation as a traditional Yuletide treat.
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