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  1. A young zebra finch learns through auditory feedback, listening to its own sounds and comparing them to a song in its head until it gets it right.
  2. Ornithologists continued to patrol the outback for traces, even checking the old nests of other birds, such as the zebra finch, for fragments of night parrot feathers.
  3. In some species such as zebra finches, learning of song is limited to the first year; they are termed " age-limited " or " close-ended " learners.
  4. Levels of " FOXP2 " in adult zebra finches are significantly higher when males direct their song to females than when they sing song in other contexts.
  5. The avian ( Zebra finch, chicken, turkey ) and fish ( Zebra fish, Pufferfish ) . were the animals that had attained this protein before the duplication event.
  6. There are also several species of free flying " butterfly friendly " birds, such as red-factor canaries, zebra finches, cordon-blue finches and " button " or Chinese painted quail.
  7. Because zebra finch males learn their songs from their surroundings, they are often used as avian model organisms to investigate the neural bases of learning, memory, and sensorimotor integration.
  8. A team of researchers in France and Scotland has discovered that female zebra finches give an added jolt of hormones to eggs sired by males wearing red leg bands.
  9. Either way, the experiments show that while a zebra finch might be a one-trick pony, it is far from a dullard, retaining a large degree of flexibility in the brain.
  10. However, the orange cheeks are a stubborn indication that a young zebra finch is indeed a male and the cheeks begin to appear when the young are about two months old.
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