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  1. It was macadamized from Tygart Valley River to Parkersburg in 1848.
  2. The surface was macadamized, with toll booths about every.
  3. In 1950 Whiskey Bottom Road was straightened, widened, and Macadamized.
  4. Two years later, Gay Street was macadamized and paved with cobblestones.
  5. It was the first macadamized road in the state.
  6. Both road beds were macadamized in 1907.
  7. The railways ended at the border, as Russian trains operated on a different macadamized roads.
  8. Dirt roads are suitable for vehicles; a laterite roads, murram roads and macadamized roads .)
  9. They widened, graded and macadamized the now public highway, and gave it the name of Bloomfield Avenue.
  10. He also worked on macadamizing the towpath, dredging the Rock Creek basin, and the Georgetown inclined plane.

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