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  1. NC and CNC's drastic advancement of machine tool control deeply transformed the culture of manufacturing.
  2. Mechanical arrangements to effect CSS have existed for centuries, but they were never applied commonly to machine tool control.
  3. STEP-NC can communicate a complete machining process description to a machine tool control or between manufacturing software applications.
  4. In the 1970s, Thermwood developed CNC machine tool control and used it to create machinery that would trim its plastic parts.
  5. "' STEP-NC "'is a machine tool control language that extends the PDM model for integration into the wider enterprise.
  6. CAM software would output code for the least capable machine, as each machine tool control added on to the standard G-code set for increased flexibility.
  7. These developments had the potential for convergence with the automation of machine tool control starting in that century, but the convergence did not happen until many decades later.
  8. After the failure of a project to develop machine tool control equipment the department remained operative as a result of success with the invention and development of the new electronics material-Veroboard.
  9. Merton handed these processes over to the blazed gratings made by the Merton NPL method were of great value in making available cheap infra-red spectrometers of high resolving power for research and industry, while long gratings ruled by this method came into use for engineering measurement and machine tool control.
  10. Mastercam's name is a double entendre : it implies mastery of CAM ( computer-aided manufacturing ), which involves today's latest machine tool control technology; and it simultaneously pays homage to yesterday's machine tool control technology by echoing the older term " master cam ", which referred to the main cam or model that a tracer followed in order to control the movements of a mechanically automated machine tool.

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