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  1. Hobbling home under a mackerel sky, I came upon a group of children.
  2. The songs on " Mackerel Skies ", released in 2008, are Nova Scotia heritage songs.
  3. As a published author, her latest publication, " Mackerel Sky ", has enjoyed American distribution.
  4. By extension, the term is applied also to other species such as the mackerel sky cloud formation.
  5. Their saccharine colors and nauseous mackerel skies, with tangerine-colored light glowing from every cutesy window, are quite disturbing.
  6. Extensive altocumulus formations, particularly if they take the form of undulatus are often referred to as altocumulus mackerel sky.
  7. :: : : Altocumulus mackerel sky is already image heavy and doesn't need an additional image unless one or two others are removed.
  8. A high, thin sheet of fine puffs of cloud, for instance, was called a " mackerel sky " because it suggested rows of iridescent fish scales.
  9. I have added your image to : commons : Category : Altocumulus clouds and added a box with a link to the Commons category in Altocumulus mackerel sky.
  10. Of these, two or three make it to the Bush's stage, most recently Hilary Fannin's " Mackerel Sky " and Helen Blakeman's " Caravan, " both first plays.


  1. a sky filled with rows of cirrocumulus or small altocumulus clouds

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