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  1. When its quality is high, however, mackerel is delicious.
  2. 4 mackerel fillets, about 1 pound total, skin on.
  3. Bonito and mackerel are the most likely catch in the harbor.
  4. "I went, ` Holy mackerel, "'
  5. Keepers feed him frozen herring, squid, mackerel, sardines.
  6. Like a rotten mackerel by moonlight, he shines and stinks.
  7. Place mackerel fillets skin side up in a flameproof baking dish.
  8. We've gone from bait shop to anchovies to mackerel.
  9. "Aww, holy mackerel, " another says.
  10. Barker flipped it her way like a fish-market mackerel.

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