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  1. Remains were taken to a makeshift morgue next to the airport.
  2. But he was laughed out of the Chargers'makeshift offices.
  3. McCurry said at a briefing at a makeshift press room here.
  4. The makeshift interview room normally houses the Giants'weightlifting equipment.
  5. In prison, he stabbed two guards with a makeshift knife.
  6. Insurance companies set up makeshift claim centers along the cafeteria walls.
  7. Hunnicutt said the makeshift arrangement began to fall apart in 1996.
  8. She had made a makeshift candle shrine near the procession route.
  9. Moments later, soldiers began circling their makeshift camp at Wendji.
  10. The body of Nazmi Jashari now lies in the makeshift morgue.

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