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  1. Both Ghriskey and Schonberg managed money for institutional investors before joining Dreyfus.
  2. They are earning less from selling stocks and more from managing money.
  3. He managed money-laundering prosecutions and mammoth paper chases into health care fraud.
  4. He started managing money in 1960 when he joined Northeast Investors Trust.
  5. Still, Templeton stressed, the fundamental principles of managing money don't change.
  6. It manages money for institutions, wealthy individuals and other mutual-fund companies.
  7. Some of those people availed themselves of the chance to manage money elsewhere.
  8. At first, that was managing money market investments for utility giant Ontario Hydro.
  9. And it does not manage money for its own account or for others.
  10. For 77 years, Scudder has focused on managing money for institutions and individuals.

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