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  1. These tools include human factors, manufacturing tolerance, mould flow and design optimization.
  2. Narrowest manufacturing tolerances can only partially be achieved by forge rolling.
  3. The resulting guns had a tighter manufacturing tolerance between the bore and ball.
  4. Sometimes the manufacturing tolerances were poor, and the screws were hard to use.
  5. An extra advantage is the enlarging of manufacturing tolerances, making manufacturing easier and cheaper.
  6. Wear and manufacturing tolerances could render these safety devices ineffective.
  7. However, zoom versatility, despite increasing optical complexity and stricter manufacturing tolerances, continued to increase.
  8. For instance, circuit performance is affected by component manufacturing tolerances.
  9. Parametric sweeps were added to analyze circuit performance with changing manufacturing tolerances or operating conditions.
  10. Surface features can be used to describe manufacturing tolerances or locating surfaces in assembly design.

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