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  1. It is named after Gaspard-Aim?Massue, landowner.
  2. Massue was educated at the Coll�ge Saint-Hyacinthe.
  3. Massue was president of the Quebec Council of Agriculture.
  4. Massue did not support the Lower Canada Rebellion.
  5. His brother Aignan-Aim?Massue served as a member of the legislative assembly for Lower Canada.
  6. His nephew, Louis Huet Massue, later became a member of the Canadian House of Commons.
  7. Massue resigned his seat in 1827 to allow Louis-Joseph Papineau to be elected in Surrey.
  8. His brother Louis Massue served as a member of the Legislative Council for the Province of Canada.
  9. In 1874, Lussier married Marie-Louise, the daughter of seigneur Gaspard-Aim?Massue.
  10. Massue was married twice : to Celeste Richard in 1811 and to Suzanne-�l�onore Perrault in 1842.

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