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  1. It occurs in association with galena, cerussite, anglesite and matlockite in the Caracoles, Chile.
  2. BiOCl exists in nature as the rare mineral bismoclite, which is part of the matlockite mineral group.
  3. It was found associated with anglesite and matlockite in cavities within altered galena in a lead mine at Cromford, near Tiger, Pinal County, Arizona.
  4. Our huge Matlockite specimen is now on display, but I can make pictures freely available . talk ) 00 : 52, 7 April 2011 ( UTC)
  5. Matlockite has been reported from a variety of locations since its discovery at the Tiger, Arizona, Laurium in Greece, a mine near Essen in Germany and near Campiglia in Tuscany.
  6. It occurs associated with laurionite, penfieldite, fiedlerite, phosgenite in slag deposits; and with leadhillite, matlockite, cerussite, hydrocerussite, diaboleite and wherryite in the Mammoth mine location.
  7. In the Mammoth-St . Anthony mine of Arizona associated minerals include pseudoboleite, anglesite, cerussite, atacamite, paratacamite, leadhillite, paralaurionite, caledonite, phosgenite, matlockite and bideauxite.
  8. .. . that the rare mineral "'Matlockite "'( alt = Mineral specimen that is brown in part and cream-colored in part, with a glassy luster, mounted on a plexiglass base
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