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  1. melanosis, keratosis, hyperkeratosis, dorsurn, non-petting oedema,
  2. Melanosis coli is a frequent find in long-standing factitious diarrhea.
  3. in human body include dark smudges on skin ( melanosis ), polms and
  4. In 1861, Hulke first described oculodermal melanosis ( Nevus of Ota ).
  5. Melanosis mainly occurs during postmortem handling and refrigerated storage.
  6. districts arsenal lesions such as melanosis, leucomelanosis.
  7. Accumulation of lipofuscin in the colon is the cause of the condition melanosis coli.
  8. Smoker's melanosis is like the genetic melanin pigmentations a defence-system in action.
  9. Another proposed cause of neurocutaneous melanosis is a mutation of the NRAS gene at codon 61.
  10. For a description of melanin-related disorders, see melanin, melanosis coli and ocular melanosis.


  1. a condition characterized by abnormal deposits of melanin (especially in the skin)
    पर्याय: melanism

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