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  1. In the late 1950s the memorialist Peter Tyrrell began a long-lasting correspondence with him.
  2. Meriel Buchanan "'( 5 September 1886-6 Feb 1959 ) was British memorialist.
  3. *The main Napoleonic contest of the Americas bears the name of the famous memorialist, the international Count of Las Cases Memorial Prize ".
  4. The memorialist then proceeds to mention certain of the most deserving officers, naming the form of reward which he suggests should be bestowed on each.
  5. Woodworth is remembered with a large burial vault at Evergreen Cemetery, designed by A . C . Thompson, a leading memorialist of his time.
  6. Another memorialist wrote, " Scholars who study the relationship between place and power have drawn on his city as cosmomagical center for religious, ritual, and political activities.
  7. French memorialist Saint-Simon quotes the account of Cl�ran, his father's former equerry, who went to see Madame de Louvois before the minister's death.
  8. He signed a 99-year contract in November 1755 to produce a weekly paper entitled " The Universal Visitor or Monthly Memorialist " for Thomas Gardner and Edmund Allen.
  9. Berengar is most famous for his writings against Berengar of Tours made between 1078 and 1079 . He disputed with him in Rome in those years, when the memorialist was forced to recant.
  10. The contents of Ruskin s home were dispersed in a series of sales at auction, and Brantwood itself was bought in 1932 by the educationist and Ruskin enthusiast, collector and memorialist, John Howard Whitehouse.

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