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  1. It implemented a TTL bus to which memory array modules were connected.
  2. The memory array modules were installed in a dedicated backplane separate from the NMI backplane.
  3. The memory array was scanned once to store all 1 s in the memory elements.
  4. It uses dense two-dimensional memory arrays to store large multiple-input multiple-output LUTs.
  5. The memory was controlled by the M Box, which also provided the memory array bus used to access the memory.
  6. Historically, testing of magnetic core memory arrays produced the " shmoo " shape and the term continued into the semiconductor era.
  7. The memory was constructed from 4 or 16 kbit metal oxide semiconductor ( MOS ) RAM chips mounted on memory array cards.
  8. The VAX 8800 and 8700 supported one to eight memory array modules; the VAX 8550 and 8500, one to five.
  9. To use the video port, the controller first uses the DRAM port to select the row of the memory array that is to be displayed.
  10. In August 2013, Crossbar emerged from stealth-mode and announced the development of a working Crossbar memory array at a commercial NAND Flash memory.

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