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  1. Usually reflective memory devices are connected together by means of fiber optic.
  2. DRAM chips are used as the main memory devices in most computers.
  3. Something about a state's shape could even be a good memory device.
  4. Fakes on flash memory devices have half of the specified memory, only.
  5. Spansion developed the HyperFlash NOR memory devices, based on the HyperBus interface.
  6. This week : Removable memory devices . ( Austin American-Statesman ) MOVED.
  7. DRAM chips are the main memory devices in most computers . ( js)
  8. In its simplest form, main memory databases store data on volatile memory devices.
  9. A PLD is a combination of a logic device and a memory device.
  10. A number of new memory devices have been proposed to address these shortcomings.


  1. a device that preserves information for retrieval
    पर्याय: storage device

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