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  1. The Founder, Charles Colby, assumed the role of Chief Methodologist.
  2. He was not an inventor, however, but essentially a critic and methodologist.
  3. From 1984 to 1988 he was an OO methodologist at Magnavox Electronic Systems Corporation.
  4. At heart, she was an astute methodologist who took risks to develop reliable and reasonable measures.
  5. On the educational staff, there are a speech therapist, a sign-language interpreter and a methodologist.
  6. It was first discovered in 1965 by the Canadian methodologist, philosopher, theologian and economist, Bernard Lonergan.
  7. MacLean was a highly sophisticated methodologist, using a pragmatic blend of methods to address the specific practical questions at hand.
  8. The Political Methodologist : Newsletter of the Political Methodology Section 11, No . 1 ( Fall 2002 ) : 20 21.
  9. The appointing of Murcia bring some more changes in the staff at Levski which included hiring methodologist David Serano for the Youth academy.
  10. In addition, Dr . Siboni is the deputy and chief methodologist of the IDF's Research Center for Force Deployment and Buildup.

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