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  1. Azcu�naga was exiled to the Mendoza Province, and lost his military rank.
  2. The last three did not have any military rank, for unknown reasons.
  3. Jim was divorced and on his way up through the military ranks.
  4. He also received his final promotion in military rank in July 1918.
  5. He was also promoted to the top military rank of Field Marshal.
  6. It would have been the highest military rank in the Soviet Union.
  7. This article describes the military rank insignia used by the Hellenic Army.
  8. He had the military rank of Lt . Colonel of the Artillery.
  9. President Ion Iliescu can formally decide whether to restore his military rank.
  10. During his time in the PLA, Ren did not hold military rank.


  1. rank in a military organization
    पर्याय: military rating, paygrade, rating

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