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  1. Vancouver Island and Vancouver's Fraser Valley have moderate climates and plentiful campgrounds.
  2. By Alaskan standards, the town of Cold Bay has a moderate climate.
  3. A moderate climate, environmental beauty and cultural activities attract relocators to the area.
  4. Rainbow is a very comfortable planet with a moderate climate, a calm fauna.
  5. In fact, Queens is home to one of the most moderate climates in Canada.
  6. The moderate climate often yields as many as three or four harvests per year.
  7. Resources : Black earth, river water and a moderate climate.
  8. The Tehsil as a whole has a moderate climate.
  9. Marvdasht has a cold weather in the hilly areas and moderate climate in other regions.
  10. The area is also drawing retirees seeking the moderate climate and low cost of living.

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