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  1. A moderate gale was hampering the rescue effort, the ministry said.
  2. The ministry said a moderate gale was hampering the rescue effort.
  3. This was a solo sailor in a moderate gale.
  4. There was a moderate gale, rain, squalls, diving barometer, choppy seas, and winds that changed direction in a counter clockwise manner.
  5. The next two months were uneventful, and " Weehawken " lay anchored off Morris Island during a moderate gale early on the morning of 6 December.
  6. The meter registered 33 mph, a moderate gale ( if sustained ), on the terrace just above where the teary reunion in " Sleepless in Seattle " was filmed.
  7. The ironclad was ship rigged and had a sail area of . " Bellerophon " was " dull under canvas " and only made under sail in a moderate gale.
  8. The National Weather Service said the temperature in Athens was 36 degrees Celsius ( 97 degrees F ) and winds exceeded 61 kilometers per hour ( 38 mph ), a moderate gale.
  9. After the air raid the airships returned safely to their bases except " LZ 59 ", which was having problems with one of its four engines and also encountered strong winds from the southeast, which increased to a moderate gale.
  10. The passage of a low pressure system over the south-west of the state created winds of moderate gale to storm force from the north to west over the Shire of Esperance and all three fire zones, elevating the temperature to over across most of the shire.


  1. wind moving 32-38 knots; 7 on the Beaufort scale
    पर्याय: near gale

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