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  1. Nett municipality formerly included Kolonia, now a separate administrative division.
  2. Nett was able to rejoin his unit for the Okinawa Campaign.
  3. The movie went on to collect nett in its first week.
  4. It netted around nett after the completion of its theatrical run.
  5. The collections between fifteenth to twenty-first day were nett.
  6. Jennie Nett led Wofford with 19 points and five rebounds.
  7. Other routes include Nett Lake Road ( also County Road 23 ).
  8. When adjusted for inflation, its total nett gross is.
  9. The Hindi dubbed version collected nett from its two weeks of release.
  10. Its first weekend total of $ is equivalent to 109 million nett.


  1. remaining after all deductions; "net profit"
    पर्याय: net
  1. catch with a net; "net a fish"
    पर्याय: net

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