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  1. Regardless, Sifton practised law and was in 1885 made a notary public.
  2. Municipalities are also grouped into 45 notary circuits with 53 notaries public.
  3. He was a ship broker, a notary public and an insurance agent.
  4. She became the second female notary public in that state in 1891.
  5. His uncle was John Graham Jayatilleke, first Kandyan Proctor and Notary Public.
  6. Culverhouse was a tax lawyer, real-estate developer, business executive and notary public.
  7. Still, several lawyers said there was a shortage of notary publics.
  8. He also was responsible for legislation pinning down the function of notaries public.
  9. The affidavits were sworn before a notary public in accordance with Massachusetts law.
  10. _The disappearance and suspected murder of a notary public in February.


  1. someone legally empowered to witness signatures and certify a document''s validity and to take depositions
    पर्याय: notary

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