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  1. She continued with her GCE O levels at a secondary school in Cambridge.
  2. Both colleges independently offered O levels, National Diplomas and other qualifications.
  3. Personal experience-I studied, took and passed Music O level in just 8 weeks.
  4. He left school without sitting for his O Level exams and drifted into crime.
  5. He graduated from Foundation Public School in 2008 receiving his GCSE in O Level.
  6. Students generally take a minimum of 7 O Level subjects.
  7. In 1975, Bean left Brook Comprehensive School with O Levels in Art and English.
  8. In Mauritius, the O Level qualification is awarded as part of the secondary school.
  9. The OS level contains the banks of the Exec.
  10. In February, registrations for admission to Classes II till IX & O Level are taken.

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