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  1. "We have aggressive oarsmen, " said Schmill.
  2. Hundreds of fans lining the Thames in Henley applauded the oarsmen.
  3. The crew of a kettuvallam comprises two oarsmen and a cook.
  4. Freshman oarsmen are quartered in the second floor of the boathouse.
  5. A noted oarsman, Channell won the Colquhoun sculls in 1860.
  6. The structure initially accommodated only 3 full eights of heavyweight oarsmen.
  7. The two Mowglis boats each seat six oarsmen with stationary seats.
  8. Theater audiences, like oarsmen, tend to pull together.
  9. We have six oarsman back and I feel good about our chances.
  10. That same year Teti was chosen National Team oarsman of the year.


  1. someone who rows a boat
    पर्याय: rower

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