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  1. "And she gave Linda her opera glasses, " said Davies, laughing.
  2. "You don't get any opera glasses in the Opera House ."
  3. If a standard pair is too bulky, consider picking up compact opera glasses.
  4. There was a guy in the fourth row the other day with opera glasses,
  5. And the music was less ground-breaking than the operas Glass wrote just before it.
  6. Barbicane, Ardan and Nicholl begin geographical observations with opera glasses.
  7. The public were charged admission and provided with opera glasses to examine the painting's details.
  8. She points her opera glasses at him and smiles.
  9. Personal items of Josephine Earp's in the auction include her riding crop, opera glasses and jewelry.
  10. She also placed opera glasses on the altar.


  1. an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyes
    पर्याय: binoculars, field glasses

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