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  1. Other forms of armouring of sediment or decreasing rates of sediment erosion can be caused by carpets of microbial mats, under conditions of high organic loading.
  2. Hydraulic factors ( hydraulic retention time, hydraulic loading rate and organic loading rate ) and biological factors ( earthworm numbers, levels of bacterial slime ) can influence treatment efficiency.
  3. Other techniques used with limited efficacy have been the polyculture of shrimp with tilapia and maintenance of near-optimal water quality conditions in the grow-out ponds with reduction of organic loading.
  4. The efficiency of the dark fermentative H 2 production process was found to depend on pre-treatment of the mixed consortia used as a biocatalyst, operating pH, and organic loading rate apart from wastewater characteristics ( Venkata Mohan, " et al . ", 2007d, 2008c, d, Vijaya Bhaskar, " et al . ", 2008d ).

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