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  1. Most phosphate rocks can be used for phosphate rich organic manure.
  2. The centre has developed an organic manure, " Mano compost ".
  3. The areas, near the help of organic manures and fertilizer.
  4. Organic manure can prevent ions of other elements from locking phosphorus into insoluble forms.
  5. Decomposed organic manure is still best for planting annual and herbaceous perennials in open beds.
  6. The collected wastes are dumped in yards outside the town and segregated to produce organic manure.
  7. Many European countries and Japan have shown preference for tea produced by adopting organic manuring method.
  8. Well-rotted organic manure, if available, is the best.
  9. These can be any of a number of organic materials, from well-rotted organic manure to compost.
  10. Areca nut farming, to achieve good yield, needs large application of organic manures and chemical fertilizers.

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