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organic:    जैविक खाद अवयवी
structure:    गृह संरचना करना घर
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  1. He also examined organic structures, such as leaves and animal skeletons, for inspiration.
  2. Although named as a dicyanamide, the major organic structure is a 2-cyanoguanidino group.
  3. MOST of the " organic structures " I am curating likely have one CSA number
  4. If constructing organic structures is one challenge facing today's composers, finding a distinctive musical voice is another.
  5. His work generally focuses on natural geometry and organic structure, and all types of psychedelic & transcendental art.
  6. From 1964 on he mostly painted on glass or plexiglass, his creations sometimes resembling chemical or micro-organic structures.
  7. For many years Bosse has based his work on the computational study of organic structures and resulting spatial conceptions.
  8. As far as he was concerned, any immanent, organic structure would be an artificial overlay; any sense of resolution, artificial.
  9. The typical result of this process are visual representations of the Internet that are elaborate and visually striking, resembling organic structures.
  10. "Phane nomenclature is a new method for building names for organic structures by assembling names that describe component parts of a complex structure.


  1. the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being); "he felt as if his whole body were on fire"
    पर्याय: body, physical structure

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