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  1. The embryo's nervous system is one of the first organic systems to grow.
  2. The pleasures and sins of the flesh are two parts of one organic system.
  3. Certification begins with the submission of an Organic System Plan to a USDA-accredited certification program.
  4. Twelve studies have found a higher population and species richness of carabids on organic systems.
  5. Bacteria-feeding nematodes showed preference towards organic systems whereas fungus-feeding nematodes showed preference for standard farm systems.
  6. In 1998, Jaffee, Ferris and Scow compared the population of nematode-trapping fungi in conventional and organic systems.
  7. The Organic System Plan requires detailed growing, handling and materials procedures and at least five years of records.
  8. The organic system was soil plots that were treated with manure and grown with cover crop every year.
  9. Typical organic systems include the following:
  10. Growing world population pushes the need for artificial fertilizers or greater incorporation of organic systems within agricultural infrastructure.

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