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  1. Organismic theories and the " organic " metaphor were inspired by organicist approaches in biology.
  2. Attention, dialectic, and mental effort : Towards an organismic theory of life stages.
  3. Gestalt therapy was based in part on Goldstein's concept called " Organismic theory ".
  4. Laura Perls, in an interview, denotes the " Organismic theory " as the base of Gestalt therapy.
  5. The idea of an explicitly " organismic theory " dates at least back to the publication of Kurt Goldstein's " The organism : A holistic approach to biology derived from pathological data in man " in 1934.
  6. "' Organismic theories "'in psychology are a family of holistic psychological theories which tend to stress the organization, unity, and integration of human beings expressed through each individual's inherent growth or developmental tendency.
  7. Initially proposed in 1940, it was formulated in 1957 and states that " wherever development occurs it proceeds from a state of relative globality and lack of differentiation to a state of increasing differentiation, articulation, and hierarchic integration . " It is an example of an organismic theory based on the intrinsic activity of living systems and is parallel to Piaget s genetic epistemology both emphasizing a wholistic view of development.

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