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  1. My hometown paper will proclaim : FORMER CHURCH ORGANIST BEHIND BARS.
  2. During these years he worked as an organist and choir director.
  3. Today, some French cathedral organists still improvise on a theme.
  4. Previously, he worked with organist Larry Goldings on several albums.
  5. He was a longtime organist at Madison Square Garden, too.
  6. Organists just sat down and swung the blues night after night.
  7. A stadium organist playing " Let It Snow ."
  8. In 1770 Clementi made his first public performance as an organist.
  9. Ives continued his work as a church organist until May 1902.
  10. The present organist ( from 2012 ) is Dr Peter Nardone.


  1. a person who plays an organ

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