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  1. Is the current Bosnian crisis a local affair, or is it the originating point on a new road to war?
  2. I imagine there is a similar regulatory entity in France ( taking the liberty of noticing the originating point of your IP ).
  3. When budgeting for tours, factor in expenses such as gratuities; meals, excursions and attractions not covered in the itinerary; and transportation to and from the tour's originating point.
  4. Clydebank East, the original Clydebank terminus, closed in 1959, but in the final decade the terminus was the originating point of " Starlight Specials " which were overnight services to London at cheap fares.
  5. In such a message you will find an OPC ( Originating Point Code ) and a DPC ( Destination Point Code ); sometimes documents also refer to it as a "'signaling point code " '.
  6. It was the first village in the entire Naga hills to embrace Christianity in 1872 and can be truly said to be the originating point of the most important change in the history of the Nagas.
  7. The parish church of Saint Peter, whose 91 meters high tower is commonly known as " Alter Peter "-Old Pete-and which is emblematic of Munich, is the oldest recorded parish church in Munich and presumably the originating point for the whole city.
  8. When Stranraer and Portpatrick were reached by the contiguous lines, the CD & D line was the eastern section of the " Port Road ", which provided an important route from English originating points to the north of Ireland by ferry between Portpatrick and Donaghadee.
  9. On September 10, 1757, Captain John Knox of the Forty-third Regiment was ordered to take part in an 800 man joint force of rangers and regulars to march against Chipoudy, which seemed to be the originating point for the Acadian and Mi kmaq raids on Chignecto.
  10. The development of seaside holidays advanced considerably in the twentieth century, and through trains to Devon and Cornwall were especially busy in the summer, particularly on Saturdays . Although London was the dominant originating point, trains ran from Wolverhampton, and also from Manchester and Bradford, in many cases over the North-and West Route.

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