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  1. Via a statewide network feed from ThinkBright's originating station, WNED in Buffalo.
  2. Therefore, packets can sometimes be heard some distance from the originating station.
  3. It is also the originating station for many superfast and express trains.
  4. KPET is the originating station for all Lamesa High School Basketball and Football.
  5. The network has 3 originating stations and 49 relay stations nationwide.
  6. W291BY would later switch its originating station from WUAM to WABY.
  7. They are priced based on the distance from the originating station to the destination.
  8. CITE-FM-1 ), but are in fact licensed as originating stations.
  9. It is also the originating station for daily trains to:
  10. CKGF-2-FM Greenwood became the originating station for repeaters CKGF-1-FM Christina Lake, and CKGF-3-FM Rock Creek.

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