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  1. These were started by originating summons but are now being continued as a witness action with pleadings.
  2. In their originating summons filed in the Kangar High Court, Sazali, 34, and Norlizam, 22, named Perlis FA president Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim and secretary Faezan Omar as defendants.
  3. If the latter course is taken, the " ex parte " originating summons, supporting affidavit, order of court and summons must be served on the person against whom the order is sought.
  4. In one sense, the originating summons raises hypothetical questions since, unless the main action and the B . Z . W . action succeed, the priority of those claims will not be a material factor.
  5. Prior to filing the originating summons in the High Court, both applied to withdraw their legal action against the FA filed earlier in the Session's Court-with the liberty to file a fresh one in another court.
  6. The applicant must serve the " ex parte " originating summons, the statement, the supporting affidavit, the order granting leave, and the summons by which the prerogative order is actually applied for, on all persons directly affected.
  7. Court of Appeal judges Datuk Gopal Sri Ram, who sat with judges Datuk Siti Norma Yaacob and Datuk Abu Mansor Ali, ordered the State Government to pay eight per cent interest from the date of the originating summons on Nov 4, 1994.

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