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  1. Between 1935 and 1936, ornamental trees were planted along the entrance driveway.
  2. They are widely grown as ornamental trees, and extensively used for hedges.
  3. The plant is cultivated as an ornamental tree, for planting in gardens.
  4. It is commonly used as an ornamental tree and for cut flowers.
  5. The corner lot is attractively landscaped with shade trees, ornamental trees and shrubs.
  6. The gardens were landscaped with rhododendrons, azaleas, ornamental trees and fountains.
  7. They'll want to lay in a supply of replacement shrubbery and ornamental trees.
  8. The primary opponent is Melaleuca quinquenervia, a tall, spongy ornamental tree from Australia.
  9. It is increasingly grown as an ornamental tree in African gardens.
  10. It is an ornamental tree, intolerant of summer drought, that is rarely cultivated.

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