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  1. Orthophosphoric acid has three hydrogen atoms bonded to oxygen atoms in its structure.
  2. Upon heating orthophosphoric acid, condensation of the phosphoric units can be induced by driving off the water formed from condensation.
  3. An inorganic example of a triprotic acid is orthophosphoric acid ( H 3 PO 4 ), usually just called phosphoric acid.
  4. Solaris ChemTech Industries is India s largest manufacturer of bromine, brominated flame retardants, specialty bromine chemicals, and orthophosphoric acid.
  5. For the sake of labeling and simplicity, the 85 % represents H 3 PO 4 as if it were all orthophosphoric acid.
  6. Because of the high percentage of phosphoric acid in this reagent, at least some of the orthophosphoric acid is condensed into polyphosphoric acids.
  7. Luminescence of Es 3 + ions was however observed in inorganic hydrochloric acid solutions as well as in organic solution with di ( 2-ethylhexyl ) orthophosphoric acid.
  8. The third-OH group on an orthophosphoric acid unit can also be used for condensation with other phosphoric groups to form branches in the polyphosphoric / polyphosphate chains.
  9. When two orthophosphoric acid molecules are condensed into one molecule, "'pyrophosphoric acid "'( H 4 P 2 O 7 ) is obtained as follows:
  10. This condensation process can continue with additional orthophosphoric acid units to obtain "'tetrapolyphosphoric acid "'( H 6 P 4 O 13, pictured ) and so on.


  1. an acid used in fertilizers and soaps: H3PO4
    पर्याय: phosphoric acid

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